Whoever supposed that technology can do nothing for street art must not have an iPhone yet. Released today, Kreuzberg is a short film and photo essay created by San Francisco-based artist, film director, curator, The Sads singer/guitarist, and integral part the Beautiful Losers exhibit/book/film Aaron Rose, and made entirely on an iPhone 4. The multi-talented man was commissioned by tech-gear outfitter Incase to make three short pieces throughout a few international locales, using only the built-in HD camera on the smart phone. The three-minute Kreuzberg is the first of those films. Apparently, it is a tribute to Brian Eno and David Bowie (who recorded Bowie’s Berlin trilogy there), and features black-and-white footage shot around parts of the city, a couple of monologues in both English and German, and a fairly lo-fi electronic soundtrack. You can watch Aaron Rose’s short film below, and learn more about the artist and his project here.