Boasted as “an ongoing exploration of both dystopian visions and the innovative states of mind that may free us from pre-programmed realities,” Milton Bradley‘s forthcoming debut album titled Tragedy Of Truth is set to drop on April 25 through his very own record label, Do Not Resist The Beat!.

Despite having released numerous singles and EPs on Prologue, K209, and his established Do Not Resist The Beat! imprint, this will be Bradley’s first full-length LP. The cherished DJ-producer aims to explore the many various moods that come along with his notably enduring sound, and dive into the various mind states that emerge when exposed to such a strain of sonic brilliance.

We got a chance to ask Bradley a few questions about his debut LP’s sound, name, and overall aesthetic. You can read the brief Q&A in the text below.

So this will be your first full-length release and you decided to put it out on your own label, DoNotResistTheBeat!. Had you considered releasing it elsewhere or is this a personal statement for you? What made you feel that you were more ready than ever to put out an album?
After focussing more on the Alien Rain project, it was time to bring back the Milton Bradley sound, as well the label which I had started. Of course, I had thought about releasing it on another label, but in the end I decided it was a good reason for a relaunch. It also gave me the freedom to do it when I want and in the way that I want, without any compromises.

Tragedy of Truth is quite a heavy title. What is so tragic about the truth? How have you been able to translate your emotions into a deep exploration of sound?

I’ve always had a preference for these dramatic and melancholic sounding track titles because they help me to express what I want to say through the music that I make. In this case, Tragedy of Truth might sound kind of dramatic, but honesty often hurts people and can feel like a tragedy to them, can’t it? It’s sometimes a kind of abstract process, but I use all possible ways to try and find the right sound to fit my feeling or opinion. For instance, I find that melancholic moods can often be represented by dubby sounds. Every mood or feeling has a certain rhythm and color to me. It’s a lot about passion and how I experience it. You can call it tragic in the broadest sense to realize how deep you can sometimes get lost in the things you are passionate with. It seems like there is no ending.

How does the cover artwork represent the album from start to finish?

When I feel passionate about something, it’s at that point I throw myself into it completely. It’s something of which I know no end point, in reference to the intro track title.) It seems comparable to a walk through an imaginary tunnel, without seeing any light at the end.

You can watch the Tragedy Of Truth album trailer in the player below.

Be sure to check out more from Milton Bradley and his friends by visiting the Do Not Resist The Beat! SoundCloud page here.

01.Throw Yourself Into A Scenario Of Which You Know No Ending
02. On The Edge of Forever
03. Mental Attitude
04. Spiral of Silence
05. Consuming Passion
06. Catching The Scent Of Melancholy
07. Poisoned by Sweet Things
08. Tragedy of Truth
09. Law Of Attraction
10. The End Is Not Always Just An End, Sometimes It Is Also A New Beginning