From its inception, Decibel—the Seattle-based electronic music festival that just finished wrapping up its 12th edition less than a month ago—has always prided itself on providing free technology-based arts education to the public with three days of panel discussions and arts talks aptly named dB Conference. Over the years, dB Conference has played a significant role in fostering emerging talent while bridging the gap between the music industry and festival attendees. This year, Decibel was proud to partner with online education company CreativeLive to co-produce the 2015 dB Conference, which took place September 23-25 at The Crocodile.

Digital and analog hardware manufacturer Elektron hosted a workshop during the conference about how hardware is more relevant than ever before—both from a live performance aspect, as well as working in a computer based studio. Hosting the db Conference panel is Devon Hughes, the US Sales Manager for Elektron Music Machines Inc. Hughes has an extensive background in electronic music production and live music performance stretching back over 15 years, covering both hardware and software solutions while using both digital and analog technologies. Joining Devon is electronic artist and producer John Tejada and Texas-based producer Cygnus, whose sound is heavily rooted in Detroit-influenced electro and electronic music brimming with classic rhythm sounds, ambient space, and sci-fi synth work. You can watch a video of the entire workshop below.