Even though we’re still not exactly sure what to make of the South African art-rap troupe Die Antwoord, seeing Aphex Twin‘s name alongside theirs immediately piqued our interest (we like videos of new Aphex Twin sounds, if you’ll remember). This piece shows the two outfits performing together this past weekend at the London Electronic Dance Festival. The motormouthed Die Antwoord folks don Pokemon-esque jumpsuits, as they shout nonsensical verbiage over the massive soundsystem, and milling about in the background, you can see Richard D. James himself doing his skittering IDM thing infront of some super-trippy 3-D computer graphics. To be honest, we’d prefer a little more Aphex Twin than Die Antwoord in the mix, but hey, it’s Aphex Twin. What else do you want? (via Pitchfork)