Following the announcement of his forthcoming album Become Alive as Dave Harrington Group, DARKSIDE’s Dave Harrington has shared a new music video for the LP cut “White Heat.” Directed by Artem Aisagaliev, the video was shot during a live recording session in and around Harrington’s studio in the Hudson Valley.

Harrington is best known for his work as one half of DARKSIDE (alongside Nicolas Jaar), an ambient project that was put on hiatus late in 2014. His forthcoming release as the Dave Harrington Group is the result of improvisation and jams with some of “favorite musicians and closest friends,” and was inspired by late ‘60s jazz albums (which tended to use contemporary recording methods and effects to manipulate live music). Much of the album, Become Alive, was mixed and edited whilst touring with DARKSIDE, and was co-produced by former bandmate Nicolas Jaar.

Harrington explained that the record is “very personal,” and “the result of improvising with different combinations of people, and then processing and re-sculpting those improvisations—isolating passages, turning them into something new, overdubbing layers of myself, maybe taking something from another piece and superimposing it out of its original context. But each track is always me interacting with other people, sometimes just one or two… sometimes ten. There was flute, vibes, organ, Fender Rhodes, guitar, bass, two drummers, percussion, sax…just full-on, over-blown energy. I took all that and treated it as raw material in the mixing stage… but when you have ten people in a room, you can only edit so much. Everything is in every microphone anyway—it’s all connected, so it’s about turning it into whatever it wants to be.”

Become Alive will be released via Other People, on April 15. You can stream the title track here.


01.White Heat
02. Slides
03. The Prophet
04. Cities of the Red Night
05. Steels
06. Become Alive
07. Spectrum
08. All I Can Do