Providing both the tools and the motivation to pursue production and DJing, Native Instruments is renowned for setting up in-depth workshops, lectures, and discussions around the world to help foster sonic creativity and promote a learned understanding of their tools.

The brand’s Native Sessions series has landed in cities and festivals all around the globe, centered around production advice and broader musical discussions from some of the world’s leading electronic artists. The most recent session, titled “Sonic Hooks,” explores “the tools and techniques for creating sonically unique hooks with MASCHINE and KOMPLETE.”

The seven-part series, which took place in both Berlin and New York, invited the likes of Pitchfork journalist, musician, and DJ Philip Sherburne to provide a history lesson surrounding the evolution of the sonic hook, while other artists such as Hyperdub‘s Fatima Al Qadiri, Tri Angle RecordsLotic, NYC-based producer Brenmar, bass-music specialist Kabuki, and more discuss their approach to sound and creating hooks in their own music.

Furthermore, the series features a number of demonstrations from lead project specialists from both MASCHINE and KOMPLETE, who share hands-on tips regarding microlooping, randomization, sound layering, and much more.

Watch the full in the player above or choose a particular episode in the list below.

01. Native Sessions: Sonic Hooks – An introduction from Philip Sherburne

02. Native Sessions: Sonic Hooks – Toolbox Part 1 with Comfort Fit

03. Native Sessions: Sonic Hooks – Track deconstruction with Kabuki

04. Native Sessions: Sonic Hooks – Toolbox Part 2 with Neven

05. Native Sessions: Sonic Hooks – Roundtable with Fatima Al Qadiri, Lotic, WIFE

06. Native Sessions: Sonic Hooks – Toolbox Part 3 with Brian Kullas

07. Native Sessions: Sonic Hooks – In conversation with Kimbra and Brenmar