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Not saying that you have to, but if you watch this video stoned, you might end up thinking it’s the best thing ever. Amsterdam-based DJ/production duo Homework recently released its Fissa Tune EP, and the video for the title track is totally weird, warmly colorful, oddly funny, and chock full of DIY special effects. Underneath Homework’s bouncing, leftfield house tune, a couple straight-faced men toy with the camera and each other using various optical illusions involving a shit-ton of photographs, time-lapse camera work, a bit of paint, and a brief encounter with a strange group of friends. The “Fissa Tune” video was directed by Tom Waist, but had you asked us, we’d have speculated it was a collaborative effort between Michel Gondry, David Lynch, and Alejandro Jodorowsky. Yeah, it’s stoner-flick central.