Minimal tech-house veteran Jay Haze (also the man behind Fuckpony, Sub Version, and The Architect) delivers another of the dark tracks he’s come to be known for with “I Wait For You.” Off his recent EP of the same name, the track is steady and soulful, weaving a variety of themes, synth lines, and vocal threads (thanks to guest vocalist Laila Tov) over the consistently driving eight and a half minutes. The video for “I Wait For You” is a beautifully shot black-and-white affair, following the story of two young Peruvian kids as they weave through traffic, get stared down by patrolling officers, and eventually hitch a ride out to the ocean to catch some waves. Sure, they’re not the best surfers, but hey, it looks like a lot of fun. “I Wait For You” is available as a 12″ single whose b-side features Ricardo Villalobos on the track “The Darkest Disko” and is the first single from Jay’s upcoming album, Love = Evolution.