Leave it to electronic music auteur Markus Popp (a.k.a. Oval) to make watching the grass grow a beautiful, immersive experience. The video for “Kastell,” which is taken from his recently released Oh EP (a precursor to the massive, double-disc O album), is a minute and a half of tall, green stalks of grass swaying slightly in the wind while a still camera slowly moves over the various depths of field (pun intended!). But these aren’t the forgotten bits of overgrown greenery from your grandmother’s backyard. Sometimes, some of Popp’s field lights up and distorts for brief moments so short that you’re not sure if your eyes were playing tricks on you. As Oval’s plinking melody intensifies, so do the short bursts of optical illusion, and you can finally rest assured that the subtleties within these images are as real and elegantly orchestrated as the music itself. Watch the piece, directed by Amberley Productions, below.

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