When he first announced his forthcoming Vapor City LP back in June, the Berlin-based artist known as Machinedrum made a pretty big deal about the concept of his new album for Ninja Tune, explaining how each of its 10 tracks would represent a different location in his imagined metropolis. And though we can’t say how much that idea correlates with the actual music on Vapor City, it would seem to be a fitting metaphor for the videos we’ve seen so far. The visuals for lead single “Eyesdontlie” explored the neon-soaked streets of what appeared to be Vapor City’s dream-like red-light district, and now, the video for opening track “Gunshotta” is set in a sort of dystopian landscape, where a gang of tribalistic youngsters maraud around the streets and perform clandestine rituals. Directed by UK film company Institute for Eyes, the latest shadowy clip for Machinedrum’s new album also precedes an upcoming world tour, including three special appearances on Boiler Room in New York, London, and Berlin. The details of those performances can be found below, where the brand-new “Gunshotta” video is also included.