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From his recent EP for Glasgow’s LuckyMe label, Lucky 9Teen, NY producer Mike Slott‘s “Amanallah” track is given a black-and-white, text-heavy music video from director Stuart Langfield. Langfield’s piece seems to reference—or at least snag some inspiration from—Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense live performance, as recognizable buzz words/phrases flash onto the screen throughout its two and a half minutes. But the text shown here is more like a list of major events from within the last four decades, each word from the stories appearing in synch with Slott’s arpeggiating synth melody. Someone seems to be underneath the projection of text for a large part of the video, and in a brief moment, the person is illuminated enough to make out that it’s Mike Slott wearing a white Oxford and thin black tie while he dances around to his grooving tune. (via 92BPM)