Easily one of our favorite tunes from Mount Kimbie‘s just-released debut full-length, Crooks & Lovers, “Would Know” was just redelivered to us as the first music video from the highly touted UK production duo. We’re almost certain that director Tyrone Lebon and possibly Mount Kimbie themselves are the only folks who know for sure what era the edited footage making up the “Would Know” video comes from, but we’d wager to say the VHS clips of the young couple toying with each other in various playful, relatively naive ways were filmed circa 1991, or so. Sure, you could recreate the fashion and hairstyles from that time with ease, but a certain adolescent essence exists within Mount Kimbie’s music video that couldn’t be replicated, like the cast of Gummo reenacting Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet. (via FADER)