Over the summer, Georgian singer/producer Natalie Beridze (a.k.a. TBA) released a five-track EP on Monika Enterprise entitled What About Things Like Bullets. The title track of that EP now has an illustrious, imaginative music video created by Nika Machaidze that features Beridze as a comic book version of herself. The video makes clear the political intent of Beridze’s lyrics as Cold War-style animations depict her as both general and soldier in an unidentified war, fighting for who-knows-what. On March 15, Monika Enterprise will also release Beridze’s next full-length, Forgetfulness, building off the tracks released on last summer’s EP. Check out the video above and the tracklist for Forgetfulness below.

1. Nothing Ever Changes…Just Rearranges
2. Forever Has No Shadow
3. What About Things Like Bullets
4. Whatever Falls Is Sumptuous
5. Blue Shadow
6. In The White
7. The Face We Choose To Miss
8. When Dreams Become Responsibility
9. Future Will (Never Come)
10. Best Burden
12. Deeply Superficial
13. Silently
14. Give My Thoughts No Tongue
15. Half This Game Is Ninety Percent Mental