Along with Chicago’s juke prince DJ Nate and Cambridge-based beat maker Oriol, Planet Mu recently signed the Irish duo Solar Bears. Producers John Kowalski and Rian Trench craft expansive motorik dance tunes that are as equally influenced by late-’70s horror-flick soundtracks as they are hazy, Boards of Canada-esque soundscapes—the latter of which is most apparent in the video for “Inner Sunshine.” Their music video features warm, pulsing footage from what could be an educational video hijacked from a school library’s archives, accompanied by a subdued bit of warped piano, guitar, and drum work that belies the rest of Solar Bears’ output. It’s a brief introduction to the duo’s forthcoming EP for Planet Mu, a six-song release called Inner Sunshine, which also features remixes from Lone and Leatherette. Check the tracklist below.

1. Trans Waterfall
2. Photo Negative Living
3. Inner Sunshine
4. Kill On
5. Crystalline (Letherette Remix)
6. Twin Stars (Lone Remix)