Towards the beginning of Nguzunguzu‘s brand-new music video for “Mecha,” a hyper-mechanized cut of grimy dancefloor music from the LA duo’s recent Skycell EP for Fade to Mind, the phrase “Original Film” flashes across the screen. It’s hard not to take the declaration as a sort of artistic commentary, seeing as how director Jude MC—who made the video in conjunction with MOCAtv—spends a large part of his piece splicing together clips from massive, blockbuster sci-fi and action films.

The creator explains his methods and intent in a press release, saying, “The mode of editing used is a new technique I am developing called ‘oversampling.’ With this video, I attempt to create an ‘action abstraction.’ A tamer version of this edit is released for viewing, a more abstract version is available upon request.” The “tamer version” Jude MC refers to features heavily edited footage from movies such as Event Horizon, Prometheus, Battleship, Pacific Rim, The Matrix, and Transformers, among many others, and can be seen below. More information regarding Jude MC’s video for “Mecha,” as well as stills and animated GIFs from the piece, can be found here.