The last time we caught up with Portland filmmakers Into The Woods, they were gettin’ down with sissy bounce superstar Big Freedia in a strip club. Fast-forward several months later, and we join them again, gettin’ down this time with Denver goth-rave producer Travis Egedy (a.k.a. Pictureplane) in a hotel room. Watch footage of Egedy doing “one of the more awkward things [he ‘s] ever done”—going door to door asking a PDX hotel’s various lodgers to join him for a “celebration” of live dance music—edited together with his performance of a new track, “Touching (Transform),” at the the subsequent hotel party. After all the drinking, dancing, pillow fighting, whippet doing, and general revelry, Pictureplane and Co. are told to leave the premises. From the looks of this video, it was all worth it.