Resident Advisor‘s fascinating mini-doc series, Real Scenes, has already hopped around a few different scenes in Europe—Bristol, Paris, and Berlin—and even made the trip down to Johannesburg. Now, the series has drifted across the pond to examine New York’s re-emerging electronic-music scene. Featuring interviews with Francis Engleheart from Dope Jams, Bryan Kasenic from The Bunker, Praveen Sharma (a.k.a. Braille), Ron Morelli from L.I.E.S., and others, the doc thoroughly examines the continuous uphill battle various musicians and party outlets have had with re-establishing a lasting presence, especially when it comes to DIY venues and loft spaces in Brooklyn.

But moreover, the interviews in the doc take a “tough love” approach, as seasoned veterans of NYC elucidate both on the creative energy of New York and the constant grind of the day-to-day to maintain outlets for that energy. Still, New York is continually on the rise, especially with Red Bull Music Academy holding all of its upcoming events and lectures for 2013 in NYC throughout the month of May. For some suggestions on New York nightlife in the coming month, we recently profiled 10 essential events going down during RBMA NYC.