In a new video interview put together by LA photographer Theo Jemison and visual artist Strangeloop, SoCal beatmaker and Brainfeeder affiliate Teebs—who, thankfully, will finally release his sophomore albumE S T A R A on April 8—discusses his new series of paintings which will appear in the upcoming Ante Vos exhibit. The artist born Mtendere Mandowa talks about where his inspiration for repurposing old record sleeves as canvases for his painting comes from and what his process for creating each piece is like, as music from his forthcoming album for Brainfeeder plays in the background.

Teebs’ art show kicks off tonight in LA at Space 15 Twenty, and is said to feature “a collection of 400 sleeves with guest collaborations,” in addition to “three weekends of events with special visual and sound releases catered specifically to each night.” The full event details can be found here; the new interview with Teebs can be seen below.

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