Netherlands musician Kai Hugo (aka Palmbomen II) has today released the final installment of music video series for his self-titled debut album on Tim Sweeney’s Beats In Space Records. A graduate of Red Bull Music Academy, the Dutch producer has settled down in Los Angeles, taking it upon himself to personally direct each chapter of his fantastic and arcane music video series.

Binge watching old VHS tapes of the X-Files while recording his album and awaiting his visa to the United States, the name of each track on the album is named after various minor characters from the classic TV show. Cryptic and impressionable, the series’ VHS/80s inspired aesthetics perfectly match that of Palmbomen II’s dusty, tropical, and laved analogue sound. You can watch his latest music video for the track “John Lee Roche” in the player above and view the rest of the series below. You can check out Palmbomen II’s self-titled debut by going to his Bandcamp page here.