Canadian tunesmith Dan Snaith has released what still stands as one of our favorite longplayers to be heard from this year, Caribou‘s Swim. Many months after that record hit shelves, we’re treated to a new video for the hypnotically psychedelic “Sun.” Snaith’s video isn’t a piece meant for analysis—just uninquisitive observation and enjoyment, which suits the track equally well. A group of women who vary in both age and ethnicity are filmed in a small room all together, getting down to the Caribou track with a variety of different dances, many of which seem Native American in origin. Clips of the room’s overhead lighting (their ‘sun’?) are spliced into the footage of dance moves, and at one point a trio of three young men join the women in their revelry. Though, the fellas disappear quickly, and leave the ladies to bask in the glow of electric light and interpretive dance.