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Did you guys ever play that weird Japanese videogame Katamari Damacy? It’s this sort of puzzle/action game that takes place in a hyper-stylized, cartoonish version of Earth. You play as a tiny little alien prince that travels around the world, rolling up the blocky, pixelated mishmash that litters the many environs of our planet until it becomes this crazy, massive ball of tea cups, bikes, cows, cars, houses, stadiums, monuments, and whatever other inexplicable stuff. Anyway, that game is a lot of fun, and this new video for Flying Lotus’ Pattern + Grid World cut “Kill Your Co-Workers” reminds us of the cutesy graphics and playful nonchalance of it, though with a hilariously sinister touch. Directed by the insanely talented people at Beeple, this beautifully rendered music video starts out seeming like a happy-go-lucky parade in some cartoon town with people walking down the street holding signs that say stuff like “RAINBOWS ARE YUMMY!” and “FUN IS SWEET!” Then, out of nowhere, some dude named Rhon harshes everyone’s mellow when he tells his friend Steve, “Dude, yer robots r crap 4ever!!” Steve isn’t too stoked on this, and things get pretty grim for those in attendance.