The second installment of the Red Bull Music Academy‘s Diggin’ in the Carts documentary series has arrived. Last week, Diggin’ in the Cartsfirst episode featured the likes of Kode9, Flying Lotus, and J-Rocc as they discussed the influence classic video game soundtracks had on their music. In the series’ new episode, the focus is on the “Outer Reaches of 8-Bit,” as the 15-minute clip dives into the history of companies such as Konami and Sunsoft, discussing the style of music and composers which soundtracked their various games. In addition, further commentary is provided by Flying Lotus, Fatima Al Qadiri, Oh No, and a number of past composers and video game music experts.

The latest episode in RBMA’s six-part Diggin’ in the Carts series can be watched in full below.