Parisian DJ, producer, performer, and world-record holder Chilly Gonzales has embarked on a brand-new creative outlet, writing, producing, and starring in a full-length feature film. The movie is called Ivory Tower, and, along with Gonzo himself, stars Tiga and Peaches in roles you might not expect from the sexed-up dance music icons. Tiga and Gonzales are two chess champions who also happen to be brothers and are both in love with the same woman, Peaches’ character Marsha (pictured above). On the forthcoming film, director Adam Traynor said, “Ivory Tower is a tour de force, a series of set pieces performed with simple gestures in modulating forms. It’s a Rocky-inspired sports parody; a Sirkean melodrama; a nouvelle nouvelle vague; free-jazz riff; a music video; a YouTube bricolage; a silent-era pastiche; a commercial.” An album corresponding with the film—written by Gonzales and produced by Boys Noize—will be released September 12 via Arts & Crafts. You can watch the Ivory Tower trailer, which doubles as a music video for Gonzales’ “I Am Europe,” below.