As we reported in August, Irish pair Lakker has just let loose its second EP for Belgium’s iconic R&S label. Now the duo has shared a new video for EP standout “Mountain Divide,” a track which finds Lakker in mesmeric, undulating form, with huge sheets of celestial noise washing over urgent but muffled beats throughout its eight-minute duration.

The video for “Mountain Divide” is unsurprisingly intense. Kicking off in the distant, flickering light of what might be a rescue searchlight viewed from underwater, it builds in tandem with the track, a man’s face periodically superimposed over all manner of flickering lights and shapes, as well as volcanic plumes of liquid that evoke the memorable visuals cooked up for Egyptrixx’s A/B Til Infinity live show last year. The video can be watched in full below, in an XLR8R premiere.