For his latest single produced for the ongoing Scion A/V single series, veteran garage icon Todd Edwards crafted a classic-sounding, heavily melodic tune called “I Might Be,” which was released with remixes from Joy Orbison, MJ Cole, My Dear Disco, and Feadz. Now a video has surfaced for the song, and it also happens to be the first music video ever officially made for an Edwards tune. The clip is far more sinister than the upbeat music might imply, as a young sweater-and-skirt-clad girl races through a desert at dusk before inexplicably winding up in a lone house, tied to a chair. And that’s just in the first minute. The events seem to repeat themselves, and slowly become more and more over-stimulating and ominously threatening before an outright monster-rave goes down—kind of like “Thriller,” actually. All in all, Todd Edwards could’ve done infinitely worse for an inaugural music video, and we look forward to more singles and accompanying videos in the future.