We feel strongly that we must use our voice as a vehicle for meaningful action.  

We took yesterday to reflect, understand, and strategize what we can do. As an editorial platform and enterprise founded on electronic music, XLR8R wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for Black and queer Americans. It’s imperative that we do all we can to amplify their voices, and mobilize the electronic music community in this cause. We’ve been reviewing our structures to better achieve this. 

In doing so, we’ve been looking backward as well as forward. At times, our journalistic standards have failed the Black communities, whether directly or indirectly, and for this we apologize. Equality is a core component of a balanced music ecosystem and we pledge to implement a diversity structure for XLR8R+, our editorial, and employment. We have been working with members of the Black community, and we will be rolling this out soon. 

This will be an ongoing and expanding process for years to come, and we will seek unique ways to fight for all marginalized and oppressed people.

We are also planning an initiative and a special release for XLR8R+, and all proceeds will go towards supporting racial equality. 

We welcome your feedback, so if you have any questions or would just like to make a point, please email us at [email protected]. We endeavor to respond within 48 hours.


The XLR8R Staff

We compiled a comprehensive resource list for how you can help, donate, learn, and advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement and the fight for racial equality. You can check that out here.