London’s Weekend Circuit imprint has announced their next three releases, arriving from label founder Michael Wells, P.E.A.R.L., and YYYY in September, October, and November, respectively.

First up will be the five-track label debut from Weekend Circuit owner Michael Wells. The EP, titled Three Marks Of Existence, signifies Michael’s new direction as a producer and, according to the press release, is full of “meditative, tense, unfolding electronics and monochrome ambient environments.” Three Marks Of Existence will also feature the label return of YYYY, who follow their split EP with Stanislav Tolkachev with a remix of EP cut “Verge.”

Following the release of Three Marks Of Existence will be Body Arched, P.E.A.R.L.’s first EP on the label since 2015’s Desolation, as well as YYYY’s Carry This Blood. All three EPs will feature new art direction and a design series by Acid Hazel.

All three EPs will be available via Weekend Circuit’s Bandcamp page.