Awol One has been making hip-hop for nearly 20 years, but he shows no signs of slowing down. Only Death Can Kill You, his latest release, sees Awol make a temporary break from his conventional backpack-style hip-hop. Skid Row-esque guitar samples and loose percussion make his uniquely biting voice more scruffy and agro than ever, and we caught up with the vocal marauder to see what tracks inspired this album, his spookiest vision yet.

Only Death Can Kill You is out now on Cornerstone R.A.S.

1. System of a DownS/T (American)
2. The CarsComplete Greatest Hits (Elektra)
3. Special EdYoungest In Charge (Profile)
4. TocaS/T (Two Tone Elephants)
5. MIA “Galang” (XL)
6. TV On the RadioReturn to Cookie Mountain (4AD)
7. Public Enemy “It Takes a Nation of Millions” (Def Jam)
8. DeftonesAround the Fur (Maverick)
9. The ShapeshiftersWas Here (Cornerstone R.A.S.)
10. Boogie Down ProductionsBy All Means Necessary (Jive)