Justice needs no introduction at this point. Known for crunchy distortion, giant light-up crosses at live performances, and remixes of everyone from Soulwax to Franz Ferdinand, Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay remain the undisputed leaders of the new wave of French dance music. Here, they take five to share what’s in their record bags as they travel around the world spreading the new gospel of dance.

Justice Top Ten
1. Scenario Rock “Histrionics”
2. Timbaland “The Way I Are”
3. The Prodigy “Everybody in Da Place”
4. Tepr “Minuit Jacuzzi (Data Remix)”
5. SMD “Love”
6. Oizo “Ovoma”
7. DJ Mehdi “Lucky Boy (Surkin Remix)”
8. Chromeo “Tenderoni”
9. Das Pop “Underground”
10. Marc Gonzales “Fist the Prist (Mexico Edit)”