Minor Science is back with his debut album, Second Language, out on Nic Tasker’s Whities on April 3.

Second Language lands two and a half years on from Minor Science’s Whities 012 EP, released on Whities in 2017. The album gives us a widescreen view of a musical world previously glimpsed at through the UK producer’s series of two-track 12″s, and it features a kaleidoscopic range of tempos and intensities: “often fast but rarely heavy, fizzing with detail but full of space, euphoric in places but frequently blue in mood,” the label explains.

As the title suggests, the album takes translation as a guiding principle, exploring the relationship between one’s mother tongue and later learned languages, as well as how translations are often unable to capture original meaning.

Applying this to his work, across 10 tracks, Minor Science, real name Angus Finlayson, puts an idiomatic spin on familiar styles, from Detroit-ish techno and hyper-speed electro to twilit electronica, musique concrète, and sour modal jazz.

The artwork for Second Language depicts a limestone tablet designed by Alex McCullough and carved by local stonemason George Edwards. The relief was then painted in accordance with the back cover. The object was photographed by interiors photographer Oskar Proctor, and the final chosen image is an outtake whilst steadying the piece.


A1. Second Language (Intro)
A2. Balconies
A3. Polyglottal
A4. Spoken and Unspoken
A5. Second Language (Tender Phonemes)
A6. For Want of Gelt
B1. Blue Deal
B2. Gone Rouge
B3. Second Language (Kid the Moon)
B4. Voiced and Unvoiced

Second Language LP is out on April 3. Meanwhile, you can stream “Blue Deal” in full below, and pre-order here.