“The Hollows,” a single from Yoni Wolf’s WHY? project’s forthcoming Alopecia full-length, features more of the folk-inspired arty hip-hop the group is infamous for, plus a swarm of diverse guests, including Subtle’s Doseone, Cryptacize’s Nedelle, and Fog’s Andrew Broder and Mark Erickson. Set to drop November 19 (via Anticon. in the States and November 18 in Europe, via Tomlab), the EP even comes packed with some drool-worthy remixes and covers to boot.

The American single features a remix by Dntel, plus covers of vintage Why? tracks from Xiu Xiu and Asthmatic Kitty’s Half-Handed Cloud. The European version features a remix from Boards of Canada, plus more vintage covers from Montreal-based outfit Islands and the Yo La Tengo offshoot, Dump. You have to wonder what surprises are in store for the trio’s soon-to-be released long-player, due out on March 11.

US “Hollows” Tracklisting
1. The Hollows
2. By Torpedo or Crohn’s (Dntel Remix)
3. Xiu Xiu “Yoyo Bye Bye”
4. Half-Handed Cloud “Pre-teen Apocalyptic Film Acting (Medley)”

EU “Hollows” Tracklisting
1. The Hollows
2. Good Friday (Boards of Canada Remix)
3. Dump “Yoyo Bye Bye”
4. Islands “Broken Crow”