Grime blew up a few years back, and credit for its popularity must be given to London-based MC/producer Wiley. Hailed as the godfather of the genre, the man born Richard Kylea Cowie made history in East London history with his 2004 debut on XL Recordings, Treddin’ On Thin Ice. Affiliations with the Pay As U Go Cartel and Roll Deep Entourage further solidified his position as a grime innovator.

Playtime Is Overnot only marks the latest chapter in Cowie’s career, it’s also, allegedly, his last album under the Wiley moniker. A need to move in different directions is evident on the album, with mainstream rap beats and lyrics sprinkled all over the album. Still, thuggish impulses aside, it’s still grime fire, and while this may be his last, we certainly hope Cowie is far from finished.

Playtime is Over is out September 11, 2007 on Big Dada.