Earlier in the year, before 100% Publishing had even seen a proper release, we were already reporting on another planned release from the astonishingly prolific Wiley. Now, with just a few months before Evolve or Be Extinct drops, some more details have finally trickled in. The forthcoming record now appears to be an LP (rather than the EP format, which it was originally said to be), and according to the brief (and likely unreliable) Wikipedia page dedicated to the album, Evolve or Be Extinct comes complete with 21 tracks. What we do know about the LP is that Ninja Tune subsidiary Big Dada will release it on Wiley’s birthday, January 19. It will also feature much of the MC/producer’s own productions, along with two beats from fellow Brit Mark Pritchard. Furthermore, the album is being hailed in its press documents as “the best album (so far!) of this unique artist’s career,” with Wiley covering ground that is “dark, funny, wild and exhilarating” in one feel swoop. You can check the artwork and a “freestyle” radio rip that may or may not be the album’s title track below.

“Evolve or Be Extinct”