Ninja Tune sublabel Big Dada has announced the forthcoming release of Grime 2.0, a double-disc compilation with 35 exclusive tracks compiled by Joe Muggs and featuring Wiley, Youngstar, Visionist, Royal-T, Youngstar, and Faze Miyake, among many others. Slated to see a release on May 6, the collection is billed as “the most comprehensive survey of grime production the scene has ever had,” and looks to incorporate budding producers along with the genre’s more established names. Before the record drops, you can peep the tracklist and a preview video featuring clips of many of the comp’s tunes, below.

Disc 1:
01 Footsie “Oh My Gosh”
02 Tre Mission “Dollar Bill”
03 Teeza “Rum and Coke”
04 Visionist “Dem Times”
05 Faze Miyake “5000”
06 TRC “Cartwheel”
07 Chaos & Order “Logan’s Mind”
08 Preditah “Vinyls VIP”
09 Youngstar “Loop 29”
10 Chimpo “Codeine and Dragon Stout”
11 DECiBEL “Bend”
12 Shy One “927”
13 Inkke “L-O-K”
14 J Beatz “Shotta Krew”
15 Matt Shadetek “Battery Charge”1
6 Juzlo “Nail Thrower”
17 Major Grave “Like A G”

Disc 2:
01 Darq E Freaker “Trojan”
02 Moony “Winner”
03 Mr SnoWman “Frosty Lake”
04 Mr. Mitch “Viking”
05 Wiley “Logic Pro”
06 MRK1 “Smash It Up Hard”
07 Prettybwoy “Kissin U”
08 Swifta Beater “Numb VIP”
09 SNK “Mongrel”
10 Royal-T “Space Cowboy VIP”
11 Stenchman “Machine Molester”
12 Sinden “Arcane”
13 Slackk “Spray”
14 Spooky “Moonlight”
15 Starkey “Tunnel”
16 TC4 “Lazer Riddem”
17 Gumnaam “Desi Bullet”
18 Threnody “Emergency”