Will Saul—the man at the helm of both the Aus and Simple labels—has unveiled a new production alias, Close, which will release its debut full-length through the K7! imprint after dropping its first single next month. Saul appears to have used this new project to venture into a bit of unexplored territory for the producer, saying the tracks still embody a familiar dance music core but, “have been written with an attention to detail and melody that hopefully captivates the listener beyond the dancefloor.” Close’s debut full-length, the aptly titled Getting Closer LP, will see a release sometime in June, while the album’s lead single, “Beam Me Up”—which features Charlene Soraia on vocals and Scuba on production assistance—will drop April 22. The single will also feature reworks from George FitzGerald and Hercules & Love Affair, as well as a “Dub of Doom” version from Scuba himself. The artwork and tracklist for Close’s forthcoming single can be found below.

01 Beam Me Up (feat. Charlene Soraia and Scuba)
02 Beam Me Up (George FitzGerald Remix)
03 Beam Me Up (Scuba’s Dub of Doom)
04 Beam Me Up (Hercules & Love Affair Remix)