The Aus Music label is now into its tenth year, and with that, fittingly enough, came its landmark 100th release. For this occasion, the label put together a comprehensive 24-track quadruple vinyl, triple CD and vast digital compilation, released on July 8, 2016. Founder Will Saul has now put together a continuous mix of the release which is available to stream via the player below.

Will Saul:

“This was a really fun mix to put together as there was a huge range of styles to work with. From the beatless ambience of Bwana to the jacking acid of Deetron via the electro of Bicep and the sample heavy house of Marquis Hawkes. This mix is great representation of one of my DJ sets in term of content and flow (albeit condensed) but more importantly I hope it showcases what a wonderfully diverse range of artists we are privileged to work with on Aus.”

Note: This mix is CD one on the triple CD album. CDs two and three feature all the tracks featured in this mix as individual tracks.


01. Bwana “VVedding”
02. Komon “Euclidean”
03. Cottam “Brand New Dub”
04. FOLD “All City”
05. Marquis Hawkes “No Rush”
06. Timothy Blake “Soul Without Shame”
07. Shenoda “Minute”
08. DJ October “Drama Queen”
09. Pearson Sound “Standoff”
10. Nick Höppner “Pneuma”
11. Appleblim “Twinkle”
12. Midland “Decompression Suite”
13. Huxley “Bisto Inferno”
14. Sei A “Wan Hunner”
15. Bicep & Hammer “ARACARI”
16. Sideshow “Yek Do”
17. Youandewan “Sicko”
18. Breach & DJ Dust “Win Ugly”
19. DJ T. “Under The Radar”
20. Deetron “Cycle”
21. Will Saul & October “Dimension One”
22. Trevino “Shimmer”
23. Komon & Will Saul “Circadian”
24. Lee Jones “Nocturne”

The full compilation is available now to purchase here.