Wolfgang Voigt is set to release his first new album as Gas for 17 years.

Kompakt boss Wolfgang Voigt pumped some life back into his Gas alias last year, running a series of live shows, as well as reissuing some classic albums of his under the guise. Originally released in the mid-90s, the Gas albums have been revered for their classic take on minimalist, ambient techno production.

Voigt has now revealed that he will release his first new album under the Gas moniker, since his 2000 full-length Pop. The forthcoming 11-tracker, entitled Narkopop, will be available as an artbook package, on triple vinyl, or as a CD. Whereas the original Gas works “were often based on the hypnotic effects of looping techniques,” the new pieces promise to “unfold their magic in a more entwined manner.”

Narkopop will be released April 21. Pre-order it here and watch a trailer for the album below.


01. Narkopop 1
02. Narkopop 2
03. Narkopop 3
04. Narkopop 4
05. Narkopop 5
06. Narkopop 6
07. Narkopop 7
08. Narkopop 8
09. Narkopop 9
10. Narkopop 10
11. Narkopop 11