Jason Wool (a.k.a Woolymammoth) will soon release Meridian, the first part of a two-part EP series, scheduled to land later this month via Courteous Family

We’re told that the new EP blends together a cache of synths and live drumming and that it “deviates from past works” in that it encompasses Wool’s background within experimental hip-hop/electronic and also those of the experimental jazz grid. 

Part 1 of Meridian features Los Angeles-based drummer/producer Blair McGloiry (also known as Zimbu), with Woolymammoth focusing on the melodic and harmonic sides using a KK S49 keyboard, the Yamaha DX7 synthesizer, Novation’s MiniNova, and a Fender Rhodes electric piano. In contrast, Part 2 sees Wool joined by Kaytranada collaborator and Florida-based drummer Kaelin Ellis, giving it “a different and distinct feeling rhythmically and sonically,” the label explains. 

Wool is one of the latest addition’s to Daddy Kev’s Alpha Pup label, home to the likes of Daedelus, Eprom, Alix Perez, and many other artists to whom the rising 21-year-old American has long looked up. Filling Spots, a 15-track LP, Wool’s first through a label, landed earlier this year with a bass-heavy sound that falls somewhere between glitched-out IDM and experimental hip-hop. Wool’s earlier works as Woolymammoth landed on Artist Intelligence Agency and Buygore, though he also releases under a slew of other aliases. More information can be found in our Bubblin’ Up feature here.  


01. Aperture in Meditation, Time

02. I Don’t Know, Love

03. Room for 2, Come Thru

04. Pit of Dance

05. Ylserc

Meridian Part 1 lands with Courteous Family on August 31, with “Aperture in Meditation, Time” streaming in full via the player below.