Social justice movements in the United States (and many elsewhere) have long depended on the power of image. From the early, bold labor union logos to the powerfully violent photographs of Charles Moore to the awe-inducing uniforms of the Black Panther Party, image and art have played powerful roles in raising consciousness about injustice. Today, street art and graffiti are fertile grounds for the visual work of many political movements.

A celebration and showcase for the works of some of today’s political artists and graffiti writers, the Write And Revolt! exhibit will open at the Crewest Gallery in downtown Los Angeles this Thursday, July 10. The event will feature live painting and screen printing, along with works from Archer, Auks, Aybon, John Carr, Edward Colver, Ekundayo, Fear, Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca, Mear, Nuke, Plek, Favianna Rodriguez, Siner, Winston Smith, Street Phantom, Thanx, Ween, and the YO! What Happened to Peace Crew.

The exhibition coincides with the release of Reproduce & Revolt (Soft Skull Press/Counterpoint), a new book collecting the iconography and artwork of a myriad of movements concerned with everything from environmental justice to queer liberation. A discussion of the book and reception for the artists will follow on July 12.