Photo: Ryan Houchin

Wylie Cable will release his seventh studio album, Lemniscate, via his own Dome of Doom Records later this month.

We’re told that the music burns with an unabridged intensity, completely different from his last body of work, 2018’s Buried At Sea.

Conceptually, the Los Angeles artist found inspiration for the album’s design in his obsession with the concept of infinity and its mathematical entanglement with the spiritual concepts of the afterlife and the infinite nature of reincarnation and past selves. In algebraic geometry, a lemniscate is any of several figure-eight or ∞-shaped curves.

Unlike all the previous works in his catalog, Cable visualized the concept for Leminscate in one lightning-bolt like experience during a late-night work session.

“I was sitting in my house late at night near the end of last year, probably around 3am, just writing and sketching in my notebooks and brainstorming ideas, then suddenly I was hit with this huge flash of inspiration,” he recalls. “The title for the album, the names of the tracks, the collaborators I wanted to be involved, all sort of suddenly fell in my lap in a moment. I frantically wrote it all down on some note cards I had laying around and the process for making the album started.”

This is interesting to Cable because his process normally involves making lots of music and then finding what feels like an album from the collection. “This was almost the opposite process, where I got the full concept for a record all at once and had to build the parts one by one to fill in the conceptual piece in my mind,” he reflects.

Many song names on the album make references to “lemniscate” and the concept of infinity. The album is described as “a reflection on our inevitable death and the cyclical nature of life.”

Cable added some unique instrumentation across Lemniscate, including this year’s newly released analog synthesizer module from Moog, Sirin, as well as Oberheim’s Viscount Joint Venture, Arturia’s Keystep, the renowned mid-’70s vintage synth Octave Kitten, and his late father’s Fender Jazz Bass. Hip-hop artist Jonwayne mixed a large portion of the record, with label mate Gangus taking on mastering duties.

Collaborations also comprise the bulk of the recordings on the album: AHEE, Holly, CLYDE, Gangus, and SnakeFoot all feature.

Lemniscate will be pressed in a limited edition run of 100 cassette tapes and will be available on streaming services worldwide. It lands on September 20, with pre-order HERE.


01. Aleph (feat. AHEE)
02. Decorated With Ribbons (feat. Holly & MJ Noble)
03. \infty
04. Oculus Non Vidit (feat. Gangus)
05. Möbius Strip (feat. CLYDE)
06. Bridge Across The Night
07. Wool (feat. Snakefoot)
08. Nobokov in Montreux