Wylie Cable is back with Shimmer, Then Disappear, a new album on Dome of Doom.

Shimmer, Then Disappear is Cable’s eighth album, and it features various members of the Dome of Doom family, among them Holly, Dabow, GOD.DAMN.CHAN, Goodnight Cody, and Call Me. Most sessions were completed at Cable’s home studio in the Los Angeles hills using a Roland TR-8 and a JP-08 on loan from Daedelus, and all before the pandemic. Cable began the second phase of the album in March, locking himself in his home studio for a period of weeks, making a new song each day.

The compositional formats across the 40-minute album are dense and dynamic, bursting with heavy rhythms, crystalized harmonies, and soothing breakdowns. IDM, downtempo, lo-fi house, 808-filled trap, musique concrète, drum & bass, jungle, and modern classical all make up an “encyclopaedia of 21st-century sound,” the label explains. Cable adds voice, supplanting lyrics of self-examination and personal perseverance.

The record closes with a Mac Miller (a.k.a Malcolm James McCormick) tribute called “Mac Flip,” sourced from a sample Cable found online from a Canadian producer by the name Two Swings. It ties in with a record that reflects the value we hold on those who are still here and those who leave us. Label mate thook, who released his Noise LP on Dome of Doom last year, was the one who first showed Cable the track.

“It’s a really beautiful piece and starts with this piano and string section that I used to create my flip of the song,” Cable says. “The original version from Two Swings then goes on to drop into a remix with some of Malcolm’s vocals, etc. I just clipped the initial few second loop and used it as material to compose new melodies with.”

Artwork was completed by Dewey Saunders, known for album cover work with Anderson Paak, NxWorries, and more.


01. How To Disappear
02. Travel Light
03. End All Contracts (feat. GodDamnChan)
04. The Critter & The Creature (feat. GodDamnChan)
05. Supernumerary (feat. Call Me)
06. Hot Potato (feat. Holly)
07. Contacting People From Your Past
08. The Lure of Personal Sucess
09. Short Game vs. Long Game (feat. Holly & Dabow)
10. False Lead
11. Carry Cash
12. Change Your Name
13. Song For The Moon
14. Craiglist Bus Blues (feat. Goodnight Cody)
15. Mac Flip

Shimmer, Then Disappear LP is scheduled for September 25 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Change Your Name” below and pre-order the album here.