As part of the second-ever Independent Label Market—an event which will host a number of independent imprints selling “a combination of new, old, and exclusive releases” on North 6th Street in Brooklyn this Saturday, October 8—XL will be releasing a limited 12″ single of Portishead‘s “Chase the Tear.” Although the track has been floating around in digital form since 2009, the song has yet to see a physical release until now, and, furthermore, it will come with a new version of the song by Toronto’s Doldrums on the flip side. There will be 200 signed copies available at the Independent Label Market this weekend, with the single seeing a full release November 14, and all proceeds going to help Amnesty International. Considering “Chase the Tear” (which, we should say, uses tear as in “to tear a piece of paper”) came out over two years ago, you may have forgotten what the tune sounded like, so we’ve gone ahead and provided the video for the track below.

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