Our esteemed creative director, Tim Saputo, has just launched the T2 Design Büro, a New York-based design firm specializing in branding, logos, custom typography, print and interactive design. Tim has kept XLR8Rlookingsexy for the past four years, hand-picking each illustrator and photographer, and designing every issue and numerous typefaces since 2007.

His work has gained well-deserved attention not only from the likes of the Museum of Contemporary Art of San Diego, Kia, and Toyota Scion, but also from bands like Lemonade, Delorean, and Dark Sky, for whom he has designed album covers. Still don’t know his work? Look no further than the posters for NYC’s world-renowned monthly party TURRBOTAX®, which you’ve likely seen posted here on a monthly basis.

As much as we’d like to, we can’t keep him to ourselves any longer. Check out more of his work here (and if you’re in need of his superior design skills, get at him!).