In an effort to protect our independence, XLR8R launched XLR8R+, a member-supported community and curated music experience.

With XLR8R+ we are creating a self-sustaining, ad-free platform to support independent music and culture, and all the artists within that lexicon—producers, DJs, journalists, visual artists, film-makers, etc. By subscribing, you will support the artists and XLR8R, allowing us to continue what we’ve been doing for over 26 years: finding, curating, and serving the best electronic music out there, without paid influence. You’ll also get access to an exclusive monthly package and a range of regular offers.

As it currently stands, every month the XLR8R+ package features a collection of producers who deliver previously unreleased tracks, as well as a new visual artist who provides the month’s artwork. Each month’s package—which is available only to XLR8R+ members—includes the tracks, wallpaper artwork for phone and desktop, a PDF zine with editorial on all artists involved, and other goodies such as sample packs and exclusive mixes.

An XLR8R+ membership will also give you access to the exclusive XLR8R+ Member’s Area, where you can get free festival and event tickets, vinyl giveaways, streaming playlists, and much more. In the member’s area, you can also find XLR8R’s submissions portal, which is an easy-to-use form to allow artists within our XLR8R+ member community to submit their music to XLR8R to have it heard and featured. 

As we expand, we will be introducing new features to the platform that will help us foster a community of producers, DJs, labels, and music lovers, and to facilitate connections and collaborations.


The music industry needs independent voices; outlets for opinion, analysis, news, and quality music untainted by the influence of corporate enterprises and/or advertisers. Paid content is not journalism. It is only with your support that we can shine a light on those labels, distributors, and artists who deserve it rather than those who can afford it.

Without your support, independent platforms like XLR8R, The Quietus, NPR/KCRW, and The Guardian will cease to exist, leaving behind corporations and bland, paid-for content. For the price of a coffee a month, you can help keep independent culture alive.

Full letter on why we are doing XLR8R+:

The landscape for digital publishers has become extremely difficult over recent years. A transition from traditional advertising to sponsored content has driven many media outlets to sell much of their editorial to advertisers and artists in an effort to survive. The situation is exacerbated by digital behemoths like Facebook and Google controlling what we do and do not see. Is there an independent, authentic voice left in music?

For artists, the position is similarly precarious. This is especially true for those in more underground circles, given the advent of the free-for-all streaming age. We feel it’s time to change.

In response to this, XLR8R launched XLR8R+, a monthly subscription service to complement the main XLR8R site. Each month we share three unreleased tracks from three different artists—both known legends and lesser-known pioneers—that we feel are pushing the scene forward in inspiring ways. These tracks will be available for download in high-quality wav format via Bandcamp, our hosting platform, as well as streaming via the Bandcamp app. They will not be available anywhere else. 

In an effort to support artists outside of musicians, each release will be paired with a special artwork created by a visual artist and curated to the music. This will be available for download as a screensaver for XLR8R+ members and will also form part of a dedicated zine, which will feature information on the artists and works available.

XLR8R+ launched in July 2018 with the first collection of tracks—from SIT, Huxley Anne, and Vril. The subscription fee is $5 a month and membership also grants access to the exclusive member’s area on the XLR8R site, as well as other goodies along the way such as sample packs, giveaways, gear discounts, and free tickets.

Our goal is to provide a thoughtful and exclusive musical offering to the unrelenting diggers and dedicated music lovers upon whom this scene is built. By subscribing, you will support the artists and XLR8R, allowing us to continue what we’ve been doing for 25 years: finding, curating, and serving the best electronic music out there, without paid influence. XLR8R will continue to be the independent voice of underground electronic music.

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