Oliver “Magnum 38” Greschke is punk. The Berlin-based web programmer by day, gnarly producer by night, is so punk that he went from Germany’s drum and bass hotbed into the open arms of some of the most chopped-up, evil electro-noise imaginable. Recording for T. Raumschmiere’s Shitkatapult imprint, this programmer may not be as celebrated as his labelboss (yet), but with compositions this deadly, he’s well on his way. This installment of the XLR8R Podcast DJ Mix Series finds Magnum at his most raw; mixing a majority of tracks from his recently released Old Europe Strikes Back, live at Berlin’s Maria Club. You now have a taste of Berlin’s underworld, dark and uncompromising.

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1. Altitude 3600 feet
2. Intro
3. More
4. Grossstadtrauschen
5. DiscoToni
6. Du machst mich schmutzig
7. Pille Palle
8. kokswahn
9. Volle Kraft vorraus
10. Aligator (Remix)
11. Und ?
12. untitled
13. Saegeman