Most who know him consider Alfred Darlington (a.k.a. Daedelus) one of music’s true innovators, a guy who produces abundantly and constantly challenges the norms. His discography includes numerous releases with avant-electronics and sound clips from ‘30s and ’40s films. He’s championed the monome, a unique sequencer that carries an arsenal of sound in its dozens of buttons. His live performances keep audiences huddled around the stage in awe, and he’s certainly one of the friendliest artists around.

Ask him about SXSW and Darlington has a lot to say: “Despite [the festival’s] predilection for all things rock, last year (my first) was a surprising grand slam of delight as every possible human form listening to every sub-genre of noise to pop (pretty much right up my alley) walked the Austin earth. The cherry on top, however, was playing a showcase where “no one” came; that is no Rolling Stone, NME, Pitchfork, no indie god from high to deem “next something.” Just a sold-out show full of locals who love music and were willing to deal with stupendously difficult crowds on the streets to get their fix of electronic music, and a dash of hip-hop. In fact I only played for 20 minutes and it was stupendous! I am terribly excited for this year already/ I might even get to play live for an hour!”

Daedelus will be playing the following shows at this year’s SXSW:

Friday, March 16
Emo’s Lounge, 603 Red River, Austin
Additional Music By 120 Days, Busdriver, Twilight Sad, and more. 

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