Cinetic Art debuts next week, a new party concept and label hailing out of Bucharest.

The event will be held in Guesthouse, one of the finest clubs in the city. The aim is to “prompt the crowd into a dream-like state with the music and visuals leading to a metaphysical landscape which we as humans create.”

Performing will be Swedish producer Dorisburg alongside local duo ALSI, and producer Melodie.

“You can transpose yourself into a different story and the music becomes your guide. The artists that are chosen are themselves explorers of these states, and through them, the crowd can be guided in a personal search that leads to reemerging latent energies and creative ideas. This is the basic concept of Cinetic Art, it is a movement that charges us with energy and the will to search. Cinetic Art will host a series of additional events this winter which will be announced soon.” — Melodie 

The event takes place on Friday, November 24 in Bucharest, Romania, with more information here.