Along with the launch of our curated NFT Marketplace for music, XNFTXLR8R has another announcement to make: we’ll be splitting one percent of any revenue generated from selling NFTs between Brian Eno’s EarthPercent, a registered charity in England and Wales (no: 1188391) making grants to the most effective organizations working on the climate crisis, and Blond:ish’s Bye Bye Plastic, a foundation to reduce single-use plastics by the music industry.

We’re aware that the carbon footprint from creating NFTs on some blockchains can be significant because each transaction requires a great amount of energy. That’s why we’ve decided to offer two blockchain options, xDai and Polygon, that require far less energy consumption and are less expensive to use. In addition, and at the request of many creators and buyers, we will also offer Ethereum. Ethereum is expected to launch Ethereum 2.0 within a year which will require a fraction of its current energy requirement. 

“We looked at several solutions with the help of our NFT partner Cargo and felt it would be much better for our planet and for our creators and collectors if we were to offer two blockchains that require minimal energy consumption and are less expensive to use compared to some of the current blockchains being used for NFTs,” says John Wander, XLR8R CEO. “Our team at XLR8R is concerned and conscious of climate change and single-use plastics and wanted to go one step further by donating some of our NFT revenue to two very credible nonprofits that ‘walk the talk’ and are really making a difference. We are very pleased to be partnering with EarthPercent and Bye Bye Plastic Foundation.”

Bye Bye Plastic Foundation’s co-founder and Blond:ish’s Vivie-Ann says, “NFTs are the future for music creators, just like the #plasticfreeparty is the future of dancefloors! As a strong believer in NFTs, I feel extremely humbled to know we are supported by XNFT on our mission to eliminate single-use plastics from our industry.”

“EarthPercent thanks XLR8R for its generous offer to donate to us from sales of the platform’s NFTs and we will look forward to distributing funds received to the most impactful and transformative organizations fighting the climate crisis as selected by our panel of expert advisors,” EarthPercent’s team noted.

You can check out the beta version of XNFT here.