Following a pilot episode that followed French 8-Bit masters DAT Politics and took a glance inside the studio of Zion I, XLR8R launches the second installment of XLR8R TV. In conjunction with the folks over at Revision 3 (yes, the same people responsible for, we’re taking you on the quintessential shopping experience with the legendary (and well-versed) techno audiophile, Carl Craig.

For this week’s edition, Craig ventures into a world far removed from his familiar techno empire–one imbued with black metal, spiritual jazz, and all things experimental, namely, the S.F. underground’s favorite record store, Aquarius Records. Unsurprisingly, old C2 has got tons to say on everything from 8-Bit-metalcore, to pygmy chanting, to Bloc Party.

Check back weekly for new installments of XLR8R TV, including interviews, tour stories, live performances, and maybe even our latest venture into the land of debauchery (South by Southwest, duh). Watch it now!