As part of a new XLR8R TV series called “Tune In An Afternoon,” XLR8R challenged anticon. artists Jel and Odd Nosdam to collaborate and produce an exclusive track. The catch: it had to be done in a single afternoon, using samples culled from $40 worth of records bought at Nosdam’s local junk shop in Berkeley, CA.

The episode follows the two producers, from the shopping spree through the track’s creation process, and finally winds up at their local bar, where they premiere the completed song at their regular DJ night. The track, also titled “Tune In the Afternoon,” is a beat-heavy breeze—hazy, psychedelic, and totally reflective of the sunny West Berkeley afternoon during which it was created.

“Tune In An Afternoon” is a new ongoing XLR8R TV series that pairs two musicians together and tests their collaborative and creative mettle by putting varying limitations on them (budget, time, genre, etc). The resulting track from each episode will be available as an exclusive, downloadable MP3.